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Website/Database Development

Your website is your online name card. KAI has done numerous corporate websites that gives on-point presentation of our industrial leading clients, as well as campaign specific websites that attracts and converts. Whether you need to capture valuable data from these websites, KAI makes sure it’s well built.

E-Commerce Platform Development

Leave it to KAI, the expert in e-Commerce Platform to give your online shop a winning start on the competitive platform of your choice. Positioned to standout, KAI will 100 X your chance of success.

Mobile Application Development

Now more than half of the browsing, searching and buying are happening on the phone itself, and the percentage is still increasing day by day. Mobile Applications are your best bet to attract attention and facilitate sales within the constrain of that tiny screen. KAI is one of the very few partners you can find in the market with capability to build the full suite of Mobile Applications, customizable to your specific needs.

Software Development

Tailor-made software & apps for your business is within reach. Talk to KAI for your needs.

CRM System Development

A robust and smooth CRM system is crucial for any business. one-size-fits-all CRM solutions out there create more problems than benefits for many businesses. Talk to KAI and build a better one instead.

Game/VR/AR Development

Fun, engaging, enticing – these are gateways to next level customer engagement. There is no better way to give your customers a total immersion experience. From virtual tour of real estates to test driving in the comfort of their homes, these cutting-edge tools are at your disposal with KAI’s strong tech support.

Internet of Things (IOT) Development

If your business wants to ride the wave and capitalize on the inevitable future of IoT, the best time to start is now. Claim your first mover advantage with KAI.

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