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Paid Media Campaign

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Your customers are constantly searching for you. If you are not found, you lose. KAI knows how to do SEM right.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - KAI design and maximize your online visibility so that you stay on top of the mind for your potential customers.
Social Media (Facebook / Twitter / WeChat) - KAI build you a strong social media presence, put you ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds.
Display Networks / Programmatic - This is the next level of display advertising that gives you invaluable customer behavior insights. Ask us how.
Digital Terminal (TV/digital billboard, YouTube, eDM, etc.) - The place your customers look at when they’re not looking at their phone.

Digital Creative Production

Digital Design - Website Design, mobile App UI, Animation, Email Marketing material and more.
Digital Banner / Video Design - HTML5 web banner / video designed with Tracking Implementation give you deep insights on customer habits.
Rich Media Design - Engaging, intelligent ads where user interactions are conversion magnets.

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