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Big Data Analysis and Application

In this whole new data ecosystem, there is no doubt about the immense value of Big Data. Once you get our support to handle the sheer volume and complexity of it, it’s the best place to spot business trends and other critical information through advanced data analytics like predictive analytics and user behavior analytics.

Integrated E-Commerce Marketing Solution

E-Commerce Marketing solutions which doesn’t talk and work with each other is painful to handle. With KAI’s integrated E-Commerce Marketing Solution, you’ll have the best of both worlds – tight integrations and room for extensions, powerful yet highly flexible, best practices with full customization capability.

O2O Solution (Online Payment Solution)

Blending e-Commerce with traditional means of buying/selling goods services, a well-designed O2O solutions (online2offline and offline2online) will bring your customers both efficiency and engagement. Payment for O2O solutions are often the most critical bottleneck for businesses to manage and KAI has the strength and experience to solve it, catering to your specific needs.

Online Market Research

Without proper market research, your online marketing effort is likely to have little result. Yet it’s a tricky one to master - either doing too much or too little. KAI’s extensive experience of handling online business cases for our clients over a decade will guide you onto a winning journey right from the start.

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