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Client: Daolema Delivery

Year: 2017

Categories: System & App Design

The Opportunity

Daolemao is a door-to-door delivery service company. With their growing transaction volume, their customers need to have a place where they can check on the status of their pick-up/drop-off item in real time online instead of having to call the customer service line every time.

The Solution

Daolema Delivery App was developed to create convenience for customers, delivery team and the management. In this App, customers can out up pick-up/drop-off request, monitor the item status, make delivery fee payment, and give rating/feedback for the transaction. The delivery team has everything they need about the current delivery in this App. There is even a function to push update/confirmation messages to customer through SMS or WeChat. At any time, management team knows the overall performance by just looking at the summary section in this App.