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Client: Sesame MCST

Year: 2017

Categories: System & App Design

The Opportunity

Sesame Management is a MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title, the managing body of a condominium or any compound which has multiple owners and shared public facilities) who needs help in bringing their management office efficiency to the next level.

The Solution

Sesame Housekeeper App is developed and well received by the MCST and tenants. Tenants no longer need to go down to management office for day-to-day needs like putting up maintenance request, registering an upcoming item delivery, booking BBQ pits or function room. For Sesame MCST, 90% of the internal paper work relates to tenants are gone. When it’s time to arrange an event or ask for feedback, all they need to do is to push a message out through the App or start a discussion thread in the Live Forum.